Pirelli research and development activity created new green products for the car tyre segment in 2011. In March Pirelli presented the Cinturato P1, the new “green” tyre designed for small and mid-sized vehicles, which guarantees lower fuel consumption, respect for the environment, and high performance on all surfaces. The Cinturato P1 has already been chosen by BMW as original equipment. Cinturato P1 expands the Pirelli green product line, composed by the Cinturato P4, P6 and P7. With 20% of total sales worldwide, the Cinturato ecological line is already the most important in Group production and is destined to grow, in line with the further upgrading envisaged for “Green Performance.” The P1 will also be made in Latin America and China, with characteristics and measurements tailored to local market requirements. The PZero Silver (which will go on sale in a limited edition beginning spring 2012) is the first Ultra High Performance tyre derived from Formula 1. It will be produced in Settimo Torinese, where all Formula 1 compounds are currently made, and then assembled at the Izmit Sports Centre in Turkey.

Winter Icecontrol has been available since mid- 2011. Pirelli developed this tyre specifically for the Scandinavian and Russian markets, where winters are extremely harsh and roads are typically covered by ice and compacted snow.

P7 Corsa Classic is the new tyre designed for historic car rallies, and equips cars like the Lancia Rally 037, Lancia Stratos, Lancia Delta S4, Fiat 131 Abarth, Porsche 911, Opel Ascona and Opel Manta.

In 2011 Pirelli was approved for equipping vehicles produced by major car makers (Ferrari FF, Maserati Granturismo MC Stradale, Porsche Carrera 991, Boxster, Cayman and Panamera, Aston Martin V12 Vantage and the new DBS, Bentley GT, Lotus Exige, Jaguar XJ, Ford Mustang, new Daimler M-Class and SClass, BMW series 1, 3 and 5, Audi A7, A6, A4, Q3 and RS4, Land Rover Evoque and the new Range Rover, Volvo C40), and also equips the Huayra supercar of Pagani Automobili, for which it has developed innovative solutions for the PZero. The Lamborghini Aventador is equipped with the P Zero Corsa (Ultra High Performance), the sportiest model in the PZero family.

Formula 1

For the three-year period 2011-2013, Pirelli is the exclusive supplier of tyres to Formula 1, as well as to the GP2 Series World Championship. Its participation in these championships complement those that, since 2010, have also seen the Group play an active role in the GP3 Series and rally championships. The Group has been able to provide technically innovative solutions for Formula 1 teams in very little time. Pirelli was designated exclusive supplier in June 2010. Its efficient research process allowed it to run the first tests in the Mugello just three months after being named exclusive supplier, in November the first tests were run with all teams in Abu Dhabi, and they were used competitively for the first time at the Australia Grand Prix in March 2011.

Over the season, about 24,000 tyres were used (50,000 including GP2 and GP3), with 10,200 kilograms of rubber placed on the track, 72 tyres for each race car, 6,000 kilometres run, over 1,000 overtakes, and more than 1,000 pit stops made. Two processes are involved in making a Formula 1 tyre – research and production – each of which are subject to continuous lab and track tests. Pirelli supplies four slick versions for dry pavement (supersoft, soft, medium and hard) and two for wet pavement (intermediate and wet).

Here are all the numbers and characteristics of the tyres supplied to Formula 1:

  • Over 100 constituent physical-chemical elements
  • 18 structural components
  • 5 hours of processing
  • 8.5 kg approximate weight of a front tyre
  • 9.5 kg approximate weight of a back tyre
  • About 1,800 tyres supplied for every Grand Prix
  • 30 laps average duration during race
  • 450 km/h speed reached in indoor tests
  • 260 km/h impact speed reached in running conditions on speed bumps
  • 5 G of load in longitudinal acceleration, 4.5 G for vertical acceleration
  • 150° C is the temperature to which tyre treads are subjected during thermal stress tests
  • 18,000 km run during private tests

Tyre design has changed slightly for the 2012 season. The latest evolutions of PZero tyres feature innovations for the front and rear profiles and a completely new choice of compounds, with the exception of the supersoft compound, which remains unaltered. The new tyres have a more squared-off profile, designed to distribute consumption uniformly throughout the entire footprint, while the softer compounds have been modified to reduce the risk of blistering.


In 2011 Pirelli launched the Diablo Supercorsa in the motorcycle segment, dedicated to professional racers. In 2012, it will be used in the SC (Special Compound) version SP race replica version (Sport Production), which is also suitable for daily use on the road. Ducati has already chosen the Diablo Supercorsa in its road version (SP) to equip the 1199 Panigale model. Other innovations for 2011 have been the Scorpion Rally, the Diablo Superbike and the Feelfree Wintec, the first tyre designed to allow drivers to use their scooters all year round. In 2011, Pirelli started up production of radial tyres for motorcycles alongside the existing production of car and truck tyres at the Yanzhou factory, opened in 2005 in Shandong Province, China.

Already in 2012 the Chinese factory will be able to deliver 260,000 tyres, and in 2015, when it reaches full operating capacity, output will near one million units. Pirelli has won repeated recognition in the motorcycle business, beginning with Ducati, which named it the “most innovative supplier” and gave it the annual Best Product Innovation Award.

Industrial Vehicles

In the truck sector, Pirelli aims to increase mileage and fuel consumption efficiency, through improved rolling resistance in all segments. Pirelli will also focus on the winter segment, which is growing rapidly in the industrial market. In 2011, the Group celebrated its 100th anniversary in the truck segment with a big event held in Turkey, where the company’s biggest industrial centre is located. Three new tyre lines in the winter, highway and gravel segments were presented in 2011, completing the Series 01, conceived for use in critical winter conditions, long-distance transport and construction vehicles. All Series 01 tyres rank at the top of European market quality rankings in terms of high mileage, low rolling resistance and low environmental impact.