This item is broken down as follows:

(in migliaia di euro)
  2011 2010
Wages and salaries 841,479 790,250
Social security and welfare contributions 180,117 165,518
Expenses for employees’ leaving indemnity
and similar costs (*)
32,102 36,491
Expenses for defined contribution pension
17,721 16,543
Expenses for defined benefit pension funds 5,573 9,035
Expenses for defined benefit healthcare plans 929 1,075
Expenses for jubilee awards 2,333 1,041
Expenses for defined contribution healthcare
33,556 30,715
Other costs 9,697 12,980
  1,123,507 1,063,648
* Includes Italian and foreign companies


The item “wages and salaries” includes euro 7,659 thousand relating to the portion accruing in the year for the 2011-2013 long-term bonus plan for and euro 20,106 thousand for the portion accruing in the year for the 2009-2011 long-term bonus plan. In the previous year the amount for the 2009-2011 plan had been euro 39,207 thousand.

In regard to the amounts relating to employees’ leaving indemnities (TFR), defined benefit pension funds and defined benefit healthcare plans, see the comment on the item “Employee benefit obligations” (note 24).

This item also includes euro 16,054 thousand in voluntary redundancy expenses, mainly relating to the Tyre segment and classified as non-recurring events (1.4% of the total item), compared with euro 18,192 thousand in 2010 (1.7% of the total item).